We are the united technicians of PSAV.

We’re joining together to win the better pay and the working conditions we deserve.

IATSE (The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts of the United States, Its Territories and Canada) is the largest labor union in the entertainment industry and has been for more than a century. We’re the skilled men and women who work behind the scenes in the entertainment industry.

PSAV Techs Unite: What We Stand For

Forming a union gives us a collective voice.

United, we can stand together for better working conditions and negotiate a contract with the benefits and conditions that we deserve.

Competitive wages

PSAV Technicians deserve competitive wages. Currently, wages are far below other employers, and there are no differentials for wages based on certifications or other professional training. Our highly-skilled work deserves fair compensation.

Job security

PSAV Technicians deserve job security. We are currently employees at will, meaning that we can be terminated at any time, with no explanation or cause. Our talent is not valued or recognized, and PSAV has chosen not to make employee retention a priority because less experienced workers are paid less. The company would rather pay a new hire substandard wages. PSAV has chosen not to make employee retention a priority.

The value of our work

PSAV Technicians deserve to have adequate support on the job. We are regularly asked to do more without additional support. High turnover results in unfair pressure on the entire workforce. Instead of fixing the problem, PSAV guilts technicians into helping our colleagues with a fabricated teamwork approach. PSAV has put their bottom line ahead of us.

Training and professional development

PSAV Technicians deserve fair treatment at work. When hired by PSAV, we receive little to no orientation. Any training that we do receive is often provided by other technicians at the job site with no guidance from management. Any ongoing training for professional development is arbitrary, with no incentive or pathway to career growth. Promotions tend to be based on favoritism, not merit. Our career paths should be a priority for our employer, too.

Under a union contract, everyone receives equal treatment

We work hard to ensure that our clients receive the highest-quality results. Meanwhile, employment with PSAV is unpredictable and inconsistent with no accountability to us. PSAV exploits the fact that we are siloed at different job sites and uses that isolation to their advantage. All of this despite the fact that we are the face of PSAV to their clients.

But we can change that.

In 2017, Philadelphia A/V techs joined together to demand better working conditions, including considerable pay raises and consistent scheduling. They negotiated and ratified their first contract last May, and others have followed their leadership. Their powerful victory inspired technicians in Seattle and Toronto to join IATSE, who are working to secure a contract.

They’ve organized because they knew they deserved better — and we do, too.

By joining in union together, the United Technicians of PSAV can negotiate for...

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